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Jigoshop is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress forged from years of experience by the WordPress Community & the Jigoshop Team.
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admin optimize jigoshop tax setting page
assets add UK regions
classes fix if statement
gateways Issue with "Name your price" plugin
languages update links
plugins/jigoshop-cart-favicon-count fix scripts and compatibility with JRTO
shipping fix scripts and compatibility with JRTO
shortcodes fix [sale_products] shortcode #1057
templates add support for profuct addons plugin
widgets Change compare parameters to proper
.gitattributes Add $this to jigoshop_get_order filter
.gitignore add ignore files
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dummy_products.xml Fixed urls
index.php Add $this to jigoshop_get_order filter
jigoshop.php release 1.17.9
jigoshop_actions.php fix subtotal and shipping location
jigoshop_emails.php add default email template
jigoshop_functions.php optimize scropts
jigoshop_taxonomy.php typo fix
jigoshop_template_actions.php Add $this to jigoshop_get_order filter
jigoshop_template_functions.php Fix reports page and product thumbnails
jigoshop_templates.php add jigoshop_get_template_once filter
jigoshop_upgrade.php Add ability to enable/disable HTML emails
readme.txt release 1.17.9
screenshot-1.png optimize scropts
screenshot-2.png optimize scropts
screenshot-3.png optimize scropts
screenshot-4.png optimize scropts
screenshot-5.png optimize scropts
screenshot-6.png optimize scropts
screenshot-7.png optimize scropts
uninstall.php Refactor all occurences of old *_option() calls Release 1.17.2


Jigoshop is a feature-packed eCommerce plugin built upon Wordpress core functionality ensuring excellent performance and customizability.

Quick start

To get started, check out our installation guide!

  1. You can also clone the git repo:

    git clone git://
  2. Or download it into your WordPress plugin directory:

Bug tracker

Have a bug? Please create an issue here on GitHub!



Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Jigoshop wouldn't be what it is today without the github community.

There are several ways you can help out:

Change Log


Project information

Shortcodes description

  • jigoshop_product_list - shortcode used to display list of product in column or row format, fetched by specified taxonomy and terms. Parameters:
    • number - number of products to download, default: jigoshop_catalog_per_page option,
    • order_by - ordering of the products, default: "date",
    • order - type of ordering of the products, default: "desc",
    • orientation - orientation of items, default: "rows",
    • taxonomy - taxonomy to restrict products to, default: "product_cat",
    • terms - list of term slugs to fetch, can be an array or space separated string, default: empty,
    • thumbnails - decides whether to show thumbnails or not, default: "show",
    • sku - decides whether to show SKU value or not, default: "hide"
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