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1.2.0 Beta Bug: Out of Stock Still Adds to Cart #574

chriscct7 opened this Issue Apr 13, 2012 · 9 comments

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If I create a simple product with stock=0, and manage stock for me =true, on clicking add to cart, I get both the out of stock and added to cart notices.


Fixed. Will be pushed out in next beta

etrunkv commented Jul 11, 2012

When is jigoshop releasing the new version? I have the same problem :(


What version are you using. This is fixed in at least version 1.2.3 as you can't add a product that is out of stock with the settings mentioned in this issue.


I've been going through a number of update procedures for the pending 1.3 release and with a fresh install of version 1.2.3, here is my product settings for a product:

Edit Product Inventory Tab

Here is how it appears on the Shop:

And it's Single Product page:

So the question becomes ... how are you getting an Add to Cart button for a product configured this way?

Have you 'updated' the product?

Is your Edit Product Inventory Tab configured as mine?

etrunkv commented Jul 11, 2012

Thanks again for your quick reply! Really appreciated :)

I followed your steps and you're right if the product is set to 0 then the add to cart button doesn't show.

And I realise now that this is a different problem concerning out-of-stock. Apologies for not making this clear sooner.

The problem is: when you set Product inventory to manage stock and you add 2 items. Jigoshop doesn't show the error message when someone tries to order more than 2 items. You will get two messages. One saying it's out of stock and only 2 is available and the other gives the succesful added to cart message.

This is what you see on the product page:

And this is what you see after you added 3 items to your cart:

Is this a known problem?

etrunkv commented Jul 11, 2012

And to be specific i've set re-ordering option to 'not allowed'. So I know it's not that either :(


Ok, and in that case, I don't see this as a problem ... it is expected behaviour.

You tried to add a product with qty of 3 to the Cart. It informed the customer that there were only 2, and prior to clicking the Add to Cart button that is what was shown. -- (mine only shows qty of 1)

So fine, bump it up over the available amount and because backorders aren't allowed (re-ordering?), then yes, you get 2 messages. One informing there weren't enough to fulfill the request and one noting that the current quantity on hand was added to the Cart.

etrunkv commented Jul 11, 2012

Oh dear, i'm so sorry!! But thank you for clearfying :) and yes I meant backordering ;-)
Thanks for letting me know and all your efforts, still very very much appreciated!!

@studioromeo studioromeo pushed a commit that referenced this issue Aug 4, 2012
Robert Rhoades Fixes #574, availability wasn't being checked properly 57483fc
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