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Welcome to the caschd wiki!

CaSchd controls the state of services and equipment. A configuration file (JSON) describes actions (regrouped in tests) to be operated and their plannings: days of the week (1:Monday-0:Sunday), period (00:00-24:00), frequency (in minutes). Messages of information are transmitted by mail to the users taken out a subscription during the state change of a test. The users can be taken out a subscription to the broadcasting of defects and/or of returns to normal (with an individual planning). The state of the system and the log of events can be consulted online with the a Web browser. The issued mails includes a copy of the page corresponding to the test of the performance indicators. Three types of status are managed: «KO!» (defect), «OK!» (return in normal) and «OK?» (in defect but at the end of the survey period). To make you an idea, you can consult the online demonstration. The Software and its documentation are available in Downloads section.

The english documentation is available (Downloads). I have done my best but I’m not sure it’s enough…
If you see something wrong (and it may be), send me the needed changes.

This project is GPL v3 except the documentation (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France).

The zip archives (in download section) now include the GPLv3 licence file.

20100124 release (and after) needs the following rubygem packages : net-ping-1.3.2.gem (see http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=126).

20090828 release introduces the red threads model (using distributed object system).
You can remove ‘#’ before the drby key in caschd.conf to use the red threads model.
The next versions will focus on code optimisation.

Red threads mode increase cpu load (up to 41 simultaneous process).
It’s recommended to use only green threads mode on slow or not dedicated computer for better performance.

To begin, you need to download (see downloads section) 3 files :
- caschd-xxxxxxxx.zip
- caschd-cns-xxxxxxxx.zip
- a quickstart manual (french or english).

‘xxxxxxxx’ is the last date avalaible for the archive type.

For more information about the project : http://quere.jmarc.free.fr/caschd/Home.html

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