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This is a template to be used in the lower pane of BibDesk to display information about the selected paper. It uses two columns to be more readable and space efficient, shows the Annote field and the highlights made in Skim, displays dynamic links for DOI and PubMed IDs, and allows to search for the publication on Google Scholar (to find PDFs, check out citations, etc.).

Here is how it looks:



Download a ZIP archive of this project from Github.

Copy the two HTML files and the CSS file to ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk/Templates/. The Library folder is hidden by default. To reach this destination, select Go > Go To Folder in the Finder's menu and copy-paste the path above.

In Bibdesk preferences, go to Templates. With the + button add a new template. As instructed, double click the red text to browse for the files you just copied. By default you should be in the right folder. Select twoColumns-htmlTemplate.html first. Then, inside that template, add a new file with the same + button. Select twoColumns-htmlItemTemplate.html and give it the Default Item role. Finally, add another file, select the twoColumns-cssStyle.css file and give it the Accessory File role.

Finally, under the preview pane, at the bottom, select the new template.