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[TACL2019] Categorical Metadata Representation for Customized Text Classification

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Categorical Metadata Representation for Customized Text Classification

This PyTorch code was used in the experiments of the research paper

Jihyeok Kim*, Reinald Kim Amplayo*, Kyungjae Lee, Sua Sung, Minji Seo, and Seung-won Hwang. Categorical-Metadata-Representation-for-Customized-Text-Classification. TACL, 2019. (* equal contribution)

Run the Code!


  • $ sudo apt-get install p7zip
  • PyTorch 1.0
  • Other requirements are listed in requirements.txt.

1. Preprocess Dataset

We provided a shell script dataset/yelp2013/ that downloads and preprocess the Yelp 2013 dataset. Preprocessing can be similarly done with other datasets as well (see below for download links).

We also provided the vocabulary and word vectors used in our experiments (in the predefined_vocab/yelp2013 directory) to better replicate the results reported in the paper.

2. Train and Test the Models

The src/ trains the model using the given training and dev sets, and subsequently tests the model on the given test set. There are multiple arguments that need to be set, but the most important (and mandatory) ones are the following:

  • model_type: the type and method of customization, which can be assigned as either BiLSTM (no customization), or <location>[_basis]_cust, where <location> can be any of the following: word, encoder, attention, linear, bias.
  • domain: the dataset directory name (e.g. yelp2013)
  • num_bases: the number of bases (only required when basis customization is used)

An example execution is:

python3 -W ignore \
--model_type linear_basis_cust \
--num_bases 4 \
--domain yelp2013 \
--vocab_dir ../predefined_vocab/yelp2013/42939.vocab \
--pretrained_word_em_dir ../predefined_vocab/yelp2013/word_vectors.npy \
--train_datadir ../dataset/yelp2013/processed_data/train.txt \
--dev_datadir ../dataset/yelp2013/processed_data/dev.txt \
--test_datadir ../dataset/yelp2013/processed_data/test.txt \
--meta_dim 64 \
--key_query_size 64 \
--word_dim 300 \
--state_size 256 \
--valid_step 1000 \

Download the Datasets!

There are three datasets used in the paper: Yelp 2013, AAPR, and PolMed.

To download Yelp 2013, refer to the following link from the original authors.

Although they were constructed by different authors (please refer to these links for AAPR and PolMed, we use specific data splits for the AAPR and PolMed datasets. Download our splits here.

Cite the Paper!

To cite the paper/code/data splits, please use this BibTex:

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If using specific datasets, please also cite the original authors of the datasets:

Yelp 2013

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If there are any questions, please send Jihyeok Kim an email:


[TACL2019] Categorical Metadata Representation for Customized Text Classification






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