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IVLE Python Clickstream Workshop

An entry-level tutorial using Python and its packages to work with the Canvas LMS clickstream data.

By Jihyun Park (
Department of Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
June 2, 2017 (Modified on Aug 25, 2017)


Part 1 : Warm Up

  • Basics of List
  • Useful functions for string
  • Working with folder and file paths
  • Dictionary

Part 2 : Load Data

  • Load data from a single csv file
  • Load multiple csv files from a folder

Part 3 : Convert the Data into a Matrix

  • numpy arrays
  • Transform loaded data to a mtrix

Part 4 : Save Matrix into a csv File

  • Save a matrix into a text .csv file using csv package

Part 5 : Plotting with matplotlib.pyplot

  • Bar plot
  • Heatmap

Part 6 : Different Click Matrices¶

  • Number of homepage/file clicks
  • repeat the part 3-5

Part 7: Students with more/less activities

  • Thresholding with np.where()
  • Re-ordering the rows in a matrix (2D np.array)