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A bash and imagemagick gif strobe detector.
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A bash and imagemagick gif strobe detector. Attempts to detect major shifts in color that could be problematic for some people. It's a filter POC.

Strobe Detection Image


This script is a bit of a rage-program based on the following tweet:

Developing an anti-strobe filter for GIFs and videos seems like it can’t be that hard. Maybe someone will release such a thing and Twitter will adopt it?

— Matthew Green (@matthew_d_green) December 17, 2019

If anything, I hope it raises awareness about how vulnerable some groups are to physical attacks online. See the original article here.

The problem

Based on this practice script, certain types of strobe strobing in GIFs are trivial to detect. Others appear a little more complicated. However, I have a detector working on the transparency changes in less than an hour using only bash and imagemagick.


The data directory has some samples where 0 is not strobe and 1 is strobe. The strobe set has different problems to solve.

If you would like to contribute different strobe problem sets or detection code, please send me a pull request.

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