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Spinal-bootcamp Binder

This is SpinalHDL Tutorial, More important, it's a spinalHDL run-time environment.

Most of case come from SpinalDoc, In addition, we also introduced some advanced usage of Scala, which are very helpful to understand how spinalHDL works.

Why we do such a thing:

  • Sometimes you just want to try a usage of a Spinal or Scala, but you don't want to create a new project.
  • Practice is important for learning a new skill. So we did a lot of examples for you to try run.

Setup Jupyter-notebook enviroment

install follows first

  • jupyter-notebook(Strongly recommend installing Python and Jupyter using the Anaconda)
  • scala(Scala2.12 is recommended)
  • almond(scala kernel for jupyter)


$: git clone
$: cd Spinal-bootcamp
$: jupyter notebook &

Before the start

We assume you already have the basics knowledge of Scala,So there is no introduction to scala syntax here.
If you need to learn Scala, I would strongly recommend the book of "Programming in Scala" by Martin Odersky who is also the author of Scala. And just try them as many as you can on jupyter notebook env, This may be more efficient to help you master Scala than just reading a book without practice.


  1. Make sure the right version have been installed.
  • Java Version jdk1.8 (java11 not supported yet)
  • Scala Version 2.12.x (2.13.x not supported yet)
  • Almond Version 0.5.0 is recommended


SpinalHDL-tutorial based on Jupyter Notebook



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