Unofficial MyAnimeList PHP+REST API which provides functions other than the official API
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irfan-dahir Parser bug fixes jikan-me/jikan-rest#33
- Anime score/scored by is null on some anime
- Premiered returns (string) `?` instead of `null` in some cases
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Jikan - Unofficial PHP API

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Jikan is a PHP API with scrapes and parses requests from

The raison d'être of Jikan is to help developers easily get the data they need for their apps and projects without having to depend on the lackluster official API, unstable APIs, or sidetracking their projects to develop parsers.

The word Jikan literally translates to Time in Japanese (時間). And that's what this API saves you of. ;)

Getting Started

  1. composer require jikan-me/jikan
  2. Documentation

❗️ If you are using dev-master and are not ready for v2 yet, require version ~1.0 until you are.



There's a REST service available, as well as a few wrappers built around it.



  • Anime Parsing
    • Characters & Staff
    • Episodes
    • News
    • Videos/PV/Episodes
    • Pictures
    • Stats
    • Forum Topics
    • More Info
  • Manga Parsing
    • Characters
    • News
    • Stats
    • Pictures
    • Forum Topics
    • More Info
  • Character Parsing
    • Pictures
  • People Parsing
    • Pictures
  • Search
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Character
    • Person
    • Pagination Support
    • Advanced Search (Filters)
  • Seasonal Anime (Season + Year)
  • Season List/Archive
  • Anime Scheduling (for current season)
  • Top
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Characters
    • People
    • Sub Types & Pagination Support
  • Genre
    • Anime
    • Manga
  • Producers (Anime Listing)
  • Magazines (Manga Listing)
  • User
    • Profile
    • Friends
      • Pagination support
    • History
      • All
      • Anime
      • Manga
    • Anime & Manga Lists


v2.1.0 stable - Oct 1, 18

  • [User] Add Anime/Manga list parsing
  • Bug fixes for MalId parsing
  • Read More


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