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A simple filename randomizer for experimental results requiring blind analysis.


Download the most recent release:

  • Windows (Tested on Windows 7)

    • Simply run the .exe file.
    • If Windows complains about not having MSVCR90.DLL, you can install this package from Microsoft
  • Mac OS X (Tested on Yosemite).

    • Extract the .zip file whereever you like, then run the program.
  • Cross-platform Python

    • python version requires packages easygui on OS X and a windows port of EasyDialogs on Win32

Usage (GUI):

  • You will need to have some files whose names you want to randomize. Put them all in one folder, or alternatively, you can randomize an entire directory tree as-is.
  • You will also need a place to put the blinded copy, so create an empty folder.
  • Run the program.
    • It will prompt you for the source directory, destination directory, and for the file extension to randomize. Leave the extension blank to blind all files.
    • Find your randomized files in your selected destination directory, along with a key, index.txt, which reveals the original name of the file. No peeking until you're done scoring!

Usage (CLI/python) source destination [file extension]

source and destination: directories. contents of source will be blinded recursively. destination must be empty (dot-files are ignored) or not exist
file extension: file types to blind. If omitted, will blind all files. dotfiles are always ignored.

Pretty simple.

It didn't do anything!

  • The destination directory must be empty. If it doesn't exist, it will be created.
  • If it still doesn't work it's probably broken. File an issue.


A simple filename randomizer for experimental results requiring blind analysis.



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