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Simple DIY dependency injection for JRuby that can use Spring as well
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Simple DIY dependency injection framework for Ruby that

  • allows you to register any Ruby object with an application context and then refer to it by name
  • can integrate a Java Spring Context as well. This is particularly useful if you have mixed Java and Jruby code and want to expose your Spring beans to a JRuby application.
  • integrates a solution for setting and reading feature flags


Simply copy app_context into your project. There is no gem currently and the version I have here is a simplified version of what I use in my applications. The code is simple enough that you may want to tweak it anyway.

Create an application definition module where you wire up all your Ruby objects:

require 'app_context'

module ApplicationDefinition  
  # make sure we only do this once
  if !@@initialized
    @@ctx.register(:myname, someobject)

Then whenever you need to inject a dependency, simply refer to it like this:


if AppContext.instance.flags[:myflag] 
    # do stuff


This code is licensed under the expat license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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