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Postico download: (Mac-specific, but there are other GUIs for Windows)

Setup instructions:

Chinook db script:

After downloading Postgresql you will have access to the command line tool.

Open the terminal.

Type psql to enter the postgresql command line tool.

Type create database <db_name>; to create a new database that will be loaded from each data file (restaurant_db.sql and transact.txt)

For example

create database restaurant_db;

create database transactions;

Now exit the Postgres command line tool by typing \quit

To add the "dump" files to your empty databases use the following commands

psql restaurant_db < restaurant_db.sql

psql transactions < transact.txt

You should see a list of commmands flash over the terminal. This means that the data was added.

Now try to do a simple select statement to access your data

psql transactions

Now you've entered the psql commmand line tool and should see a prompt starting with "transactions=#"

Type select * from customers; You should see the contents of this table printed to the terminal. Now you're ready to start querying!

**And remember, control+C does not work to exit the psql command line tool in the terminal, you must type \quit or close the terminal window.