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Jill-Jênn Vie
## Jill-Jênn Vie Follow \@jjvie ##### ML Researcher in [RIKEN AIP](, Tokyo, Japan
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Our paper Knowledge Tracing Machines has been accepted at AAAI 2019. See you there!
We will chair the poster & demos track of EDM 2019.

I'm a researcher at RIKEN AIP working under the supervision of Hisashi Kashima in the Human Computation team.

With Christoph Dürr, we wrote Efficient Programming with Python, a book containing 128 essential algorithms for preparing coding interviews & programming competitions (read the docs).
Currently available in French, Chinese and the English version by Cambridge University Press will appear in 2019.

Feel free to contact me at

Research Interests

Knowledge Tracing

: How to use the logs of educational platforms (MOOCs or PIX) to predict and explain student performance? See our tutorial.

Recommender Systems

: How to model uncertainty and side information in preference elicitation? See our demo Mangaki and keynote.
Using 330k ratings from Mangaki data, we organized a data challenge with Kyoto University [problem] [solutions].

Adaptive Testing

: How to optimize human learning by selecting the next item to ask? See our workshop.
Multidimensional item response theory, cognitive diagnosis [slides], multistage testing, determinantal point processes [slides] [code].

![Our [article]( **Knowledge Tracing Machines: Factorization Machines for Knowledge Tracing** will be presented at [**AAAI 2019**]( in Hawaii. See also our [tutorial](](/static/img/ktm-lr.png)

Our paper Using Posters to Recommend Anime and Mangas in a Cold-Start Scenario [arXiv] [slides] has been accepted to MANPU 2017 in Kyoto.

Our article Automated Test Assembly for Handling Learner Cold-Start in Large-Scale Assessments has been accepted in the journal IJAIED 2018.

Free software projects

See my GitHub projects, or this page on GitHub.

Other achievements

Organizing committee of PyParis 2017, 2018 and EDM 2019
Reviewer for IEEE-Transactions on Learning Technologies (IEEE-TLT), Journal of Educational Data Mining (JEDM)
We organized a programming summer school for K-12 girlsGirls Can Code! running since 2014
We wrote and directed a TV show about algorithms that take control of our lives → La Faute à l'algo (Blame the Algorithm)
Our TV show was mentioned by the French Senate as an interesting example of popularization of AI
Lauréat du concours de l'agrégation de mathématiques en 2014, désagrégé en 2018


See my Scholar page


: We wrote two books about algorithms and data structures: preparing programming contests and coding interviews [@Durr2016] and [@Belghiti2016].
All 128 algorithms in Python from the book are available on GitHub, in the package tryalgo.

Book Chapters

: We wrote a chapter about recent advances in adaptive assessment [@Vie2017adaptive] in a learning analytics book, where we identify similarities between cognitive diagnostic models and item response theory.

Conference Proceedings

: Back in MSc, I was interested in cryptography and published an article about leakage resilience [@Abdalla2012].
We unified educational data mining models in [@KTM2019] using factorization machines.

  • Knowledge tracing machines [@KTM2019] [tutorial] at AAAI 2019
  • Deep knowledge tracing with dynamic student classification [@Minn2018] at ICDM 2018

Popularization of Science

: We wrote articles in the French magazines Quadrature [@MagQuadrature], Tangente [@MagTangenteGrolopin] and GNU Linux Magazine [@MagLinux].