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Octoprint Plugin to easily change filament
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This plugin makes it simple to change filament.

The plugin mimics the actions taken by the change filament action built into Marlin. That feature is not available on all printers and also requires using the control box to use, instead of doing everything in OctoPrint.


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


Set the configuration as described below, then refresh the page.

To use:

  • Change to the Control tab
  • Click Park to park the nozzle in a convenient location for reloading
  • Change to the Temperature tab
  • Preheat nozzle to old filament temperature
  • Change to the Control tab
  • Click Unload to unload the old filament
  • Feed in the new filament
  • If the new filament requires a different temperature, preheat the nozzle to the new temperature
  • Click Load to load the new filament, which will feed through enough new filament to purge the old filament from the nozzle
  • Done! Start printing, or cool down the nozzle to finish

The M600 button can trigger the built-in Change Filament function on certain builds of Marlin. This procedure must be completed using the control box.


  • Unload Length: Length of filament to reverse extrude when unloading, in mm.
  • Unload Speed: How fast to unload the filament, in mm/m.
  • Load Length: Length of filament to extrude when loading, in mm.
  • Load Speed: How fast to extrude when loading filament, in mm/m.
  • Y Park: Position on the Y axis where the head will be moved when loading or unloading.
  • X Park: Position on the X axis where the head will be moved when loading or unloading. Depending on the filament path, may be best set to the midpoint of the X axis.
  • Z Lift Relative: How high to move the Z axis before unloading, in mm.
  • Park Speed: How fast to move the head when parking, in mm/m.

Suggested Configurations


Most of the default values work well for CR-10S and probably for other printers in that line, but manually set the X park to 150.

Monoprice Select Mini v2

Default values work well, set X park to 100-120 so the bowden tube has less of a bend when parked.

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