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Feature request: Include more exchanges in rate table #33

colindean opened this Issue · 10 comments

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It would be cool to pull information from additional exchanges, perhaps using the Bitcoin Charts Markets API.

(Currently using 0.3.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 and OSX 10.6.8)


MultiBit simply reflects the availability of exchanges and currencies from the XChange project. It might be better to post the feature request there - both Tim (lead developer) and I are actively maintaining it and seeking to do exactly this. See XChange.


I just implemented the Bitstamp exchange API in XChange. Tried it in Multibit too -- works with just one line of Java code changed (plus the dependency in pom). (Just USD available in Bitstamp though.)

BTC-E is available through XChange too.


That's great !
I have been wanting some extra exchanges in the Exchanges drop down to make it less centralised on Mt Gox.

If you do a pull request to Tim Molter then he can incorporate it into XChange and I can pick it up from him at his next release. The multibit test releases I don't mind being on a snapshot but I try and keep the live code (ie the downloads on built from actual releases for stability.


The Bitstamp (and BTC-E) code is already in the current XChange version (1.3.0-SNAPSHOT).

(I've had some issues though with XChange using ${currentVersion} in poms, but it's not to difficult to work it out.)


Ah good - I will have a look at that. Thanks.


I definitely want to and will create a non-snapshot version of xchange
soon. But there are some outstanding issues at the moment.

1) BTC-E: JodaMoney doesn't have RUR currency and an exception is
thrown in XChange. I'm working on getting JodaMoney updated, and that will fix the issue. I opened two issues with them:
I will perhaps release my own version of JodaMoney if they do not reply. Or maybe there is another better solution.
2) Bitstamp: Matija's impl depends on his own jar, which right now is
not hosted on any repo server, so our Jenkins build fails. I believe
he's going to merge his code directly into XChange which would be the best solution for XChange. If he doesn't find the time, I will ask him permission to take his code and do the merge myself.
3) Gary is planning on adding some code to XChange to recover from an
interruption in streaming data.

So there is no rush. I'd say at the earliest a week from now. But
yeah, there will be 4 exchanges!

I will update here when we release version 1.3.0.


2) above is fixed, and I think 1) too.


I just pushed the java API for BitcoinCharts' Markets Data into the XChange develop branch. It returns market tickers for over 100 exchange/currency pairs.

See BitcoinChartsDemo for a usage example.


Great work Matija !
Will be v interested to see what Tim makes of it.


There is now support for (150+ currencies) so closing.

@jim618 jim618 closed this
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