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A website that tells users whether their planned transit trip in Philly will be successful with a wheelchair
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Wheel Chair Accessible Google Maps

An iframe for embedding the directions map is located here:

How Accessible are Google Maps Transit Directions?

The web app shows whether a wheelchaired transit rider can actually make a trip planned through Google Maps.

In Philadelphia, all buses are wheel chair accessible. The Market-Frankford El and the Broad Street Subway stops are not fully wheel chair accessible.

When transit riders in wheelchairs use Google Maps to plan transit trips, there's no way of knowing through Google Maps if the stations they use will be accessible to wheelchairs.

The data is out there, but wheelchair accessible data is in one location, and elevators that are installed but not currently working.

#Hack4Access Hackathon

This project was part of the winning entry at Philly's #Hack4Access hackathon on the National Day of Civic Hacking.

Data on outages was taken from James Tyack's accessibility site Unlock Philly.

Data on wheel chair accessibility was taken from Septa's website.

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