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Pyres podcast subscription manager

This project provides a simple podcast subscription manager which pulls podcasts from the web and copies them to an MP3 player.

It has been developed for and only used on a Coby MP3 play with USB connection and designed around the author's use model, which is far simpler than what is supported by something like itunes. It manages rss subscriptions, downloading new episodes to the host system for storage and then transfers all of the downloaded episodes to the mp3 player in a single batch. The podcasts are all put into a single directory and are written in chronological order so that the player sees them in that order.

See "Development" below for more features that will be coming for this tool.

Project Setup


Download the package and type ./ install. Running 'pyres' will invoke the app. Use --help to see list of options. Pyres starts with an empty database so you'll need to add new podcasts to see it do much of anything.

Supported Python Versions

Python Project Template supports the following versions out of the box:

  • CPython 2.7


The code which makes up this Python project template is licensed under the MIT/X11 license. Feel free to use it in your free software/open-source or proprietary projects.

Project License
Python itself Python Software Foundation License
argparse (now in stdlib) Python Software Foundation License
Sphinx Simplified BSD License
Paver Modified BSD License
colorama Modified BSD License
flake8 MIT/X11 License
mock Modified BSD License
pytest MIT/X11 License
tox MIT/X11 License
pydub MIT/X11 License


Please report any bugs or requests that you have using the GitHub issue tracker!


See the TODO file for ongoing development list.


  • Jim Anderson