Simple HTML/CSS toast displays a pop-over message.
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Simple HTML/CSS toast displays a pop-over message.

Small, lightweight, and mobile friendly. Tested on iOS 7+, Android 4+ and Windows Phone 8+.

Hardware acceleration on mobile is enabled using the CSS transform:translate3D(0,0,0); command. No transition is used.

Works great with Cordova/PhoneGap applications.

Licensed under the MIT License

Screenshots (mobile and desktop)


Include these in your HTML:

<link href="htmltoast.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>
<script src="htmltoast.js"></script>


None. All code is vanilla JavaScript 5 and CSS 3.


The minimum required to display a toast message: 'message' );

Toast can accept three options: 'message', [timeout, callback] );
  • message - the text to be displayed. You can use HTML for whatever you want (text, images, SVG).

  • timeout [optional] - time in milliseconds (1/1000) to display toast (toast.timeout defaults to 3000ms which is 3 seconds) toast.timeout is the default 3000ms (3 seconds). toast.infinity is useful for displaying a toast for a really long time.

  • callback [optional] - function to call only if toast is clicked or tapped. timeout is required when using a callback. If not specified, the callback defaults to toast.slayer() which closes the toast.

To programmatically close a toast, use:


NOTE: Opening a toast will close one that is already open, so be careful not to open a bunch quickly, because you will only see the most recent one.


Display a toast with TEST for the default duration, and if clicked/tapped, display an alert:'TEST', toast.timeout, function(){alert('HI')});

Use HTML and CSS to customize the message displayed, and display for 10 seconds:'<span style="font-size:100px">☆</span><br>Hello!', 10000);

To change the vertical position of the toast, override the default CSS below. bottom is used for possible future use in supporting mutiple simultaneous toast.

#toastdiv { bottom: 20%; }

Live Demo

Unit Testing

Unit tests are supported via closures (an object returned by the call)

  var myToast ='TEST', toast.timeout, function(){alert('HI')});
  // unit tests
  console.assert( typeof myToast === 'object' );
  console.assert( typeof myToast.message === 'string' );
  console.assert( typeof myToast.timeout === 'number'  &&  myToast.timeout >= toast.mintimeout );
  console.assert( typeof myToast.callback === 'function' );  </script>