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@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ The Color LCD Shield interfaces your Arduino with a knock-off [132x132 Nokia 610
A really great resource for working with both the Epson and Philips controllers is Jim Lynch's [Display Driver tutorial]( Much of this example code stems from that document.
+For a more in-depth look at this library, check out my [Color LCD Shield Quickstart Guide]( on SparkFun.
## License
Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0 ([CC-BY SA 3.0]( Use this code however you'd like, just keep this license and attribute. Let us know if you make hugely, awesome, great changes.
@@ -65,4 +67,4 @@ Prints the SparkFun logo. Good example of how to print a bitmap, though!
Turns the display on.
###void off(void)
-Turns the display off. You'll still see the backlight on!
+Turns the display off. You'll still see the backlight on!

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