Example code for the MaKey Mate Bluetooth addon for the MaKey MaKey
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MaKey Mate Bluetooth

This is example code for the MaKey MaKey and Bluetooth Mate for the MaKey MaKey combo. The goal is to make the combination of both boards feel exactly like the MaKey MaKey...but wireless. Set your banana keyboards and play-doh controllers free!

This example code should be taken as just that... example code. It might not work perfectly for everyone's project, but I hope I've made everything it does transparent enough for you to be able to tailor it to your needs.

This code builds on the original MaKey MaKey code, written by Jay Silver, Eric Rosenbaum, and I. I've added two files - makeyMate.cpp and makeyMate.h - which handle all of the communication and setup with the RN-42 HID bluetooth module. The main ino file remains mostly unchanged, the major changes were turning any keyboard.press and mouse.move type commands to makeyMate class commands.

What's Here?

  • maKeyMate_BT directory - This houses the Arduino example code. Standard to the Arduino file directory structure, the main .ino file shares the same name as the directory.
  • hardware - This houses the Eagle design files for the schematic and PCB of the Bluetooth Mate for MaKey MaKey.
  • wiki - Step-by-step installation guide for the Bluetooth Mate for MaKey MaKey


This project is released as beerware. Feel free to use it, with or without attribution, in your own projects. If you find it helpful, buy me a beer (alcoholic or root variety are both fine :) next time we meet up.

Issues, forking, troubleshooting, and the wiki

If you have any trouble with this code, or are looking for a step-by-step guide, please check out the wiki first. I'll be monitoring the issues, so if the wiki doesn't solve your problem, please post away there.

  • Jim Lindblom SparkFun Electronics October 24, 2012