A basic OpenGL app for the Oculus VR SDK.
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A basic framework for getting started with OpenGL VR programming.


The skeleton app targets the Oculus SDK or OSVR, providing a simple framework for developing OpenGL VR programs. Take a look at the Scene class under src/ for a basic "hello world" implementation(some simple color cubes in space). Replace the Scene class with your own.


  • Windows, Linux(OVR SDK 0.5.x), MacOS(OVR SDK 0.5.x)
  • Oculus SDK, OSVR
  • GLFW, SDL2


I set up my local build environment with libraries installed under a single directory(C:/lib on Windows, ~/lib on Linux, ~/Development on MacOS). This location can be changed in cmake-gui by modifying the LIBS_HOME variable or by editing it in CMakeLists.txt directly.


  • Adaptive render buffer resolution scaling to ensure fastest possible frame rate
  • Camera frustum highlighting when headset approaches limits of tracking area
  • Auxiliary window with AntTweakbar controls(toggle with backtick(`) press)
  • Tap HMD to hide Health and Safety warning
  • Mouse click to teleport in Scene, wheel tilt for "comfort mode" rotation
  • Sixense SDK Hydra support
  • Keyboard and gamepad world motion support
  • Interchangeable GLFW, SDL2 and SFML backends

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