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Numerous bugfixes for 0CC-FamiTracker (based off
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jimbo1qaz 0CC-Famitracker

This is a fork of HertzDevil's 0CC-Famitracker (since and master are quite buggy and changing rapidly). It contains bugfixes which HertzDevil has not merged yet (some for months, some fixed independently in or master), as well as N163 multi-wave copy-paste support.


  • Export N163 FTI instruments properly.
  • Don't corrupt memory when entering MML volume sequences over 252 items long (instead truncate).
  • Fix bug where find-replacing anything with an empty effect creates " 00" effect.
  • Fix text import instrument loop/release (@owomomo, fixed in
  • Update channel count after importing text (like master). Mark file as modified.


  • N163 file-specific mixing level offset.
  • Typing Pxx (or FDS Zxx) defaults to P80.
  • N163 wave editor's copy/paste buttons copy all waves at once, separated/terminated with semicolons. This allows for highly efficient Audacity-N163 import workflows (see
  • Save TXT export path properly.
  • Hi-res FFT spectrogram (like master).

Future changes:


0CC-FamiTracker is a modified version of FamiTracker that incorporates various bug fixes and new features which work in exported NSFs as well. The name "0CC" comes from the author's favourite arpeggio effect command. The current version includes:

  • Partial FamiTracker 0.5.0 beta support
  • Sound engine extensions:
    • Ad-hoc multichip NSF export
    • Echo buffer access
    • Polyphonic note preview
  • New effects:
    • Hardware volume envelope effects
    • Delayed channel effects
    • FDS automatic FM effects
    • N163 wave buffer access effect
  • Instrument extensions:
    • Arpeggio schemes
    • Instrument recorder
    • Compatible sequence instruments
  • Interface extensions:
    • Find / replace tab
    • Transpose dialog
    • Split keyboard
  • Extra module contents:
    • Detune settings
    • Groove settings
    • Bookmark manager
    • Linear pitch mode

See the change log for the full list of changes made in 0CC-FamiTracker.

This program and its source code are licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2. Differences to the original FamiTracker source are marked with "// // //"; those to the ASM source with ";;; ;; ;" and "; ;; ;;;".

The current build is based on the version 0.5.0 beta 5 release of the official FamiTracker. 0CC-FamiTracker will be ported to newer official releases once they become available; features added in 0CC-FamiTracker may not have identical behaviour as the corresponding features on the official branch.


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