A hand-curated list of awesome resources when using Fabulous
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Awesome Fabulous

A hand-curated list of awesome resources when using Fabulous.



  • fabulous-simple-elements - Alternative DSL for constructing view elements, inspired by Elmish on the web and compatible with existing View API. The repository includes these samples:
    • Fifteen Puzzle game
    • LoginFlow
    • Counter

Sample apps

  • Half-Elmish Demo - A simple half-emlish demo app with an incrementing counter.
  • Full-Elmish Demo - A simple full-emlish demo app with mulitple pages, an incrementing counter and a unit test project for the init, update and view functions.
  • Tic Tac Toe - A Half-Elmish implementation of Tic Tac Toe.
  • Elmish Calculator - an implementation of a calculator using Full-Elmish.
  • Elmish Contacts - a contacts app using Full-Elmish.
  • Elmish Planets - Simple app with facts on the planets in the Solar System. Uses Urho3D and Fabulous (F#)
  • My Crypto Portfolio - Manages your crypto portfolio on your phone. Written in F# and Fabulous.
  • FSharpris - A simple Tetris Clone in F# and Fabulous.
  • SqueakyApp Linux/Mac - a port of the dotnet new sample app to Linux and macOS.
  • Sokoban Fabulous - Sokoban game for iOS and Android written in F# using Xamarin Fabulous framework

Blog posts