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Faux Ghost


Faux Ghost is a free Ghost theme powered by Foundation 5, and based on Ghostion. This theme is designed to be responsive, fast and simple.

Visit the FauxGhost homepage at for more information. If your blog uses FauxGhost, tweet me at @moomooio so I can include your blog in our list of users.

Check it out on my blog or see the screenshots below.

Main Page: Theme Main Page Example

Off-Canvas menu: Theme Off Canvas Menu Example

Getting started

First you need to make sure you have the following installed:

Once these are installed you will need to install the dependencies - Sass, Gulp and Bower.

$ gem install sass
$ npm install --save
$ bower install --save

You may need to run these using sudo depending on your setup.

Configuring your theme

To generate your theme you need to provide come configuration information that can be used to set up your blog. These fields are set in the following files:


This file contains the main configuration for your blog.

More details coming soon. An on-line config builder is in the works...


This file contains the Foundation SASS variables for changing your blog colour scheme. Details are available here but essentially any Foundation SASS variable can be tweaked here.


Put the favicons you want for your blog in this folder.

Image Size Description
Favicon.ico 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 The main favicon for your blog in .ico format
touch-icon-ipad.png 76x76 Icon when saving a link to an iPad springboard
touch-icon-ipad-retina.png 152x152 Icon when saving a link to a retina iPad springboard
touch-icon-iphone.png 60x60 Icon when saving a link to an iPhone springboard
touch-icon-iphone-retina.png 120x120 Icon when saving a link to a retina iPhone springboard

This folder contains any images used by your theme configuration. For example if you put an image on the off-canvas menu you can reference it here using just the image name (no need for the path).

Building your theme

Once your theme is configured, build it using the default gulp task:

$ gulp

This will build the theme and spit it out as

You can then upload this zip using your blog management page (for a hosted blog), or unzip it into the content/themes folder of your ghost install.


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