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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Sep 19, 2014

Version 0.7 is unchanged from 0.7b1

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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Sep 8, 2014

  • Fixes crashes on startup when services have been deleted
  • Fixes grepping for similar service names when checking status
  • Removes special checks for outdated homebrew php repo
  • Changing "As Root" checkbox will now stop and restart the service with the new state
  • Re-adds ability to start services at login
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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Mar 11, 2014

See release notes for 0.6b1 and 0.6b2. 0.6 is unchanged from 0.6b2.

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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Mar 8, 2014

  • Fix #24
    • Rescanning Homebrew will no longer overwrite settings stored for services already detected
  • Checking and unchecking the "As Root" checkbox will now trigger a status rescan and update
  • Version number label now reads from the info plist
  • Preferences file will be preserved until a deliberate version number bump in the info plist rather than being deleted when a new bundle version is detected
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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Mar 7, 2014

  • Verbose debug logging
  • Removed dependency on bash profiles for discovering Homebrew prefix
    • If your prefix is not /usr/local, we will ask for you to select it and store that value
  • Versioning for preference files
    • 0.6.x will blow away your preferences and replace it with a new format. You will have to rescan Homebrew
    • Future versions may do this as well but the 0.6.x preference file format is more forward-thinking 😄
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Feb 24, 2014

@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Feb 17, 2014

  • Fix some UI bugs
  • Add special support for josegonzalez/php taps
  • Use brew --prefix to determine Homebrew path
  • Allow browsing to brew executable for non-bash users as a fallback
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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Feb 7, 2014

This version is the first to support running services as root when needed

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@jimbojsb jimbojsb released this Jul 8, 2013

This release supports only homebrew style launch plists

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