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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2012, 42Lines, Inc.
# Original Author: Jim Browne
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from collections import defaultdict
import boto
import boto.ec2
from operator import attrgetter
from optparse import OptionParser
from datetime import datetime
# apt-get install python-dateutil
from dateutil.parser import *
from import *
from dateutil.relativedelta import *
VERSION = "1.0"
RDAYS = 15
usage = """%prog [options]
Compare purchased reserved instances against running instances and
offer advice on current coverage. Optionally report on running
instances and purchased reservations.
def instance_string(instance, options, verbose=False):
output = "id {}".format(instance)
if verbose:
fmt = " region {0.region} placement {0.placement}"
fmt += " type {0.instance_type} state {0.state}"
output += fmt.format(instance)
output += " start {0.launch_time:.16}".format(instance)
if options.itag:
value = instance.tags.get(options.itag, '')
if value:
output += " ({0:.32})".format(value)
return output
def reservation_timing(reservation):
utcnow =
start = parse(reservation.start)
elapsed = utcnow - start
duration = int(reservation.duration) / (60 * 60 * 24)
left = duration - elapsed.days
return (duration, elapsed.days, left)
def reservation_left(reservation):
timing = reservation_timing(reservation)
return timing[2]
def reservation_string(reservation, verbose=False):
output = ''
if verbose:
fmt = "id {} state {0.state} region {0.region}"
fmt += " place {0.availability_zone} type {0.instance_type}"
fmt += " "
output += fmt.format(reservation)
timing = reservation_timing(reservation)
fmt = "count {0.instance_count} start {0.start:.16} duration {1}"
fmt += " elapsed {2} left {3}"
output += fmt.format(reservation, timing[0], timing[1], timing[2])
return output
def check_zone_use(options, instances, purchases, where):
if options.debug:
print 'instances {0}'.format(instances)
print 'purchases {0}'.format(purchases)
advice = ''
types = instances.keys() + purchases.keys()
for itype in sorted(set(types)):
inst_count = 0
if itype in instances:
inst_count = len(instances[itype])
pur_count = 0
if itype in purchases:
for r in purchases[itype]:
pur_count += r.instance_count
delta = inst_count - pur_count
dfmt = ' Type {0} Reservations {1} Instances {2} Delta {3}'
if not options.quiet:
print dfmt.format(itype, pur_count, inst_count, delta)
if delta < 0:
advice += '{0} unused reservation(s) in {1}\n'.format(-1 * delta,
advice += 'Use --rdetail to see reservation details\n'
advice += '\n'
elif delta > 0:
insts = instances[itype]
# Instances running more than three months are candidates
testdate = ( +
relativedelta(months=-1 * options.imonth))
teststring = testdate.isoformat()
candidates = [i for i in insts if i.launch_time < teststring]
sortcand = sorted(candidates, key=attrgetter('launch_time'))
# Assume purchases cover the oldest instances
suggest = sortcand[pur_count:]
if suggest:
advfmt = '{0} candidate(s) for a {1} reservation purchase in {2}\n'
advice += advfmt.format(len(suggest), itype, where)
sstrings = [instance_string(s, options) for s in suggest]
advice += '\n'.join(sstrings)
advice += '\n\n'
if pur_count:
expiring = [r for r in purchases[itype]
if reservation_left(r) < options.rdays]
if expiring:
advfmt = '{0} reservations(s) about to expire in {1}\n'
advice += advfmt.format(len(expiring), where)
rstrings = [reservation_string(r, options) for r in expiring]
advice += '\n'.join(rstrings)
advice += '\n\n'
if options.idetail and inst_count and not options.quiet:
insts = instances[itype]
istrings = [instance_string(i, options) for i in insts]
output = ',\n '.join(istrings)
print " Instances:\n " + output
if options.rdetail and pur_count and not options.quiet:
rsvs = purchases[itype]
rstrings = [reservation_string(r) for r in rsvs]
output = ',\n '.join(rstrings)
print " Reservations:\n " + output
return advice
def check_reservation_use(options, running_instances, reserved_purchases):
if options.debug:
print 'running instances %s' % running_instances
print 'reserved purchases %s' % reserved_purchases
advice = ''
inst_acct = running_instances
pur_acct = reserved_purchases
regions = sorted(list(set(inst_acct.keys() + pur_acct.keys())))
for region_name in regions:
inst_reg = {}
if region_name in running_instances:
inst_reg = running_instances[region_name]
pur_reg = {}
if region_name in reserved_purchases:
pur_reg = reserved_purchases[region_name]
zones = sorted(set(inst_reg.keys() + pur_reg.keys()))
for zone in zones:
if not options.quiet:
print 'Zone: %s' % zone
inst_zone = {}
pur_zone = {}
if zone in inst_reg:
inst_zone = inst_reg[zone]
if zone in pur_reg:
pur_zone = pur_reg[zone]
wherefmt = 'region {0} zone {1}'
where = wherefmt.format(region_name, zone)
advice += check_zone_use(options, inst_zone, pur_zone, where)
if not options.quiet:
return advice
def reserved_compare(options):
Will compare running instances to purchased reservations across
all EC2 regions for all of the accounts supplied.
:type accounts: dict
running_instances = defaultdict(dict)
reserved_purchases = defaultdict(dict)
regions = boto.ec2.regions()
good_regions = [r for r in regions if not in ['us-gov-west-1',
for region in good_regions:
if options.trace:
print " Scanning region {0}".format(
conn = region.connect()
filters = {'instance-state-name': 'running'}
zones = defaultdict(dict)
if options.trace:
print " Fetching running instances"
reservations = conn.get_all_instances(filters=filters)
for reservation in reservations:
for inst in reservation.instances:
if options.debug:
print instance_string(inst, options, verbose=True)
if inst.state != 'running':
if options.debug:
print "Skipp {} state {0.state}".format(inst)
if inst.instance_type not in zones[inst.placement]:
zones[inst.placement][inst.instance_type] = []
if zones:
running_instances[] = zones
purchased = defaultdict(dict)
if options.trace:
print " Fetching reservations"
reserved = conn.get_all_reserved_instances()
for r in reserved:
if options.debug:
print reservation_string(r, verbose=True)
if r.state != 'active':
if r.instance_type not in purchased[r.availability_zone]:
purchased[r.availability_zone][r.instance_type] = [r]
if purchased:
reserved_purchases[] = purchased
return check_reservation_use(options, running_instances,
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
# Need get_all_instance filter option starting with Boto 2.0
desired = '2.0'
from pkg_resources import parse_version
if parse_version(boto.__version__) < parse_version(desired):
print 'Boto version %s or later is required' % desired
print 'Try: sudo easy_install boto'
except (AttributeError, NameError):
print 'Boto version %s or later is required' % desired
print 'Try: sudo easy_install boto'
parser = OptionParser(version=VERSION, usage=usage)
help="Age in months before an instance is considered" +
" for a reservation (default %default)",
type="int", dest="imonth")
help="Print detailed information about instances",
action="store_true", dest="idetail")
help="Print specified tag for each instance",
help="Warn about reservations with less than RDAYS" +
" left (default %default)",
type="int", dest="rdays")
help="Print detailed information about reserved" +
" instances",
action="store_true", dest="rdetail")
help="Only print advice",
action="store_true", dest="quiet")
help="Emit copious information to aid script debugging",
action="store_true", dest="debug")
help="Trace execution steps",
action="store_true", dest="trace")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if options.debug:
options.trace = 1
advice = reserved_compare(options)
print "Advice based on current data:"
print advice