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My personal Emacs config with any quirks, oddities, bugs, and man-eating errors I live with on a daily basis.
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My .emacs.d Config Folder

This is my personal Emacs configuration. Having been primarily a TextMate user previously, my setup might also work nicely for other TM users who are curious about Emacs.

That said, this is not some form of an Emacs starter kit, it's simply my personal config with any quirks, oddities, bugs, and man-eating errors I live with on a daily basis.


My config uses Emacs 24's new package system, and also the awesome el-get package manager. The latest stable version of Emacs is currently 23, so you'll need to get ahold of a nightly build.

Mac OS X

Personally I compile my own build of Emacs for Mac OS X using a custom build script I wrote: build-emacs-for-osx

Or if you prefer to not compile it yourself, and you can live without full-screen and the sRGB patch, you can download the latest nightly from:

Linux, Windows

I'm afraid you'll have to figure out how to get Emacs 24 yourself. Like I said, this is not a starter kit.


Simply clone my config repo to ~/.emacs.d update git submodules, and launch Emacs:

git clone git:// ~/.emacs.d
cd ~/.emacs.d
git submodule init
git submodule update

Once you launch Emacs, it'll load in the config and the list of packages to use, automatically installing any packages which are not installed. This means your first launch can take as long as 5-10 minutes, and also display some ruby-related errors. On subsequent launches it's fast and error free.

Remember how I said you'll have to live with the bugs too if you wanna use my config? ;)


  • Feel free to fork and tweak :)
  • Theme-wise I use a slightly tweaked version of Joe Bergantine's Birds of Paradise theme, which I've made available here. The original Emacs port was created by Paul M. Rodriguez, and I can't remember or find where I got it from originally, so I posted it to this Gist.
  • I've customized keyboard shortcuts a decent bit, which you can overview in keybindings.el.
  • Flyspell is set to use aspell instead of the default ispell command.
  • Most language specific tweaks are in the respective files in the languages folder.
  • There's a lot of stuff in here, dig through the config files manually :)


  • Improve ReadMe.
  • Come up with more todos.
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