A little-known and unreleased iPhone web-app Javascript framework developed by Apple.
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If you don't know what PastryKit is, you should go read John Gruber's PastryKit article on Daring Fireball. In short it's a Javascript framework for iPhone WebApps, which simulates the nice scrolling and navigation in native iPhone apps. It was (presumably) developed by Apple for the iPhone User Guide (set browser user agent to MobileSafari 3.x to view) a good few months ago, but nothing has been officially released or mentioned about PastryKit.

About PastryKit.git

This is simply an attempt to bring more attention to PastryKit. And by doing so helping the community to improve the kind and quality of Web Apps that can be built for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I used jsbeautifier.org to reformat the PastryKit source into a more humanly readable format, as well as fixed about 500 warnings thrown by the JSLint validator.


To test PastryKit in action, you will need to serve up the repository via HTTP, and open mobile/index.html, as it pulls data from the Contents folder via Ajax.

Forking & Development

Please feel free to fork and improve/modify PastryKit.git. I will happily merge any improvements back into my repository. And I should mention that I'm no JavaScript guru myself, so I'm sure there's better people for this job than me :)

Legal / License

I would assume Apple has copyright on PastryKit, but no copyright information is given anywhere in the source files from what I can find, so for now all I'll say is, it's most likely owned by Apple. Hopefully they won't demand I remove this project from GitHub, but incase they do request a removal, I will comply without any hesitation, and I would have to demand that any forks of PastryKit.git also be removed.

P.S. Apple, if you are reading this, I just want to bring your awesome code to light and see more advanced web apps being built. So don't sue me ok? :)