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#compdef gem
# gem zsh completion, based on homebrew completion
_gem_installed() {
installed_gems=(`gem list --local --no-versions`)
local -a _1st_arguments
'cert:Manage RubyGems certificates and signing settings'
'check:Check installed gems'
'cleanup:Clean up old versions of installed gems in the local repository'
'contents:Display the contents of the installed gems'
'dependency:Show the dependencies of an installed gem'
'environment:Display information about the RubyGems environment'
'fetch:Download a gem and place it in the current directory'
'generate_index:Generates the index files for a gem server directory'
'help:Provide help on the `gem` command'
'install:Install a gem into the local repository'
'list:Display gems whose name starts with STRING'
'lock:Generate a lockdown list of gems'
'mirror:Mirror a gem repository'
'outdated:Display all gems that need updates'
'owner:Manage gem owners on'
'pristine:Restores installed gems to pristine condition from files located in the gem cache'
'push:Push a gem up to'
'query:Query gem information in local or remote repositories'
'rdoc:Generates RDoc for pre-installed gems'
'search:Display all gems whose name contains STRING'
'server:Documentation and gem repository HTTP server'
'sources:Manage the sources and cache file RubyGems uses to search for gems'
'specification:Display gem specification (in yaml)'
'stale:List gems along with access times'
'uninstall:Uninstall gems from the local repository'
'unpack:Unpack an installed gem to the current directory'
'update:Update the named gems (or all installed gems) in the local repository'
'which:Find the location of a library file you can require'
local expl
local -a gems installed_gems
_arguments \
'(-v --version)'{-v,--version}'[show version]' \
'(-h --help)'{-h,--help}'[show help]' \
'*:: :->subcmds' && return 0
if (( CURRENT == 1 )); then
_describe -t commands "gem subcommand" _1st_arguments
case "$words[1]" in
if [[ "$state" == forms ]]; then
_requested installed_gems expl 'installed gems' compadd -a installed_gems
fi ;;
_wanted installed_gems expl 'installed gems' compadd -a installed_gems ;;
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