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Troubleshooting ErlangEnableShowErrors #24

mootboy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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When I -include_lib(x.hrl) and x.hrl is a pretty massive hrl file all warnings and errors disappear from the .erl file I'm writing. Is there a way to show what happens in the compile cycle so I can troubleshoot?

Thanks for the awesome branch by the way!


Do you refer to -include_lib or -include?

Because include_lib is for headers inside application directories. Are you including some header of the Erlang OTP, or a header from one of your applications?

Does the size of the header affects the behavior of Vimerl?


I'm referring to include_lib, changing it to an include does not do any difference. It's within an application, but not a standard OTP header.

It seems to be the size, smaller headers work fine, but it might also be something within the header I'm including I guess. Which is why I want to troubleshoot somehow :)


Well, beter use erlc directly and see what errors it gives. Are you using rebar? Does the compiler finds your application (of the header)?


erlc was the ticket! Now I at least have some output to look at. I suspect it is something related to the structure of our application. Will close this one for now and file a true bug-report if I find that it really is a bug.

Thanks again for the help and branch!

@mootboy mootboy closed this
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