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An extensible man-in-the-middle web proxy with SSL support written in C#
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BenderProxy is an extensible man in the middle HTTP proxy with SSL support. It is a fork of the otherwise excellent FryProxy project. It was originally written because the original author need a way to monitor and possibly stub some browser request in Selenium tests. (It also available as NuGet Package


Setup HTTP proxy:

  var httpProxyServer = new HttpProxyServer("localhost", new HttpProxy());
  // do stuff

Setup SSL proxy:

  var certificate = new X509Certificate2("path_to_sertificate", "password");
  var sslProxyServer = new HttpProxyServer("localhost", new SslProxy(certificate));
  // do ssl stuff

Extension points

Requests are processed in 5 stages:

  • receive request from client
  • connect to destination server
  • send request to server and receive response
  • send response back to client
  • complete processing and close connections

It is possible to add additional behavior to any stage with delegates:

  var httpProxy = new HttpProxy(){
    OnRequestReceived = context => {},
    OnServerConnected = context => {},
    OnResponseReceived = context => {},
    OnResponseSent = context => {},
    OnProcessingComplete = context => {}

Context stores request information during processing single request. What you can possibly do with it ?

  • modify request and response headers
  • modify request and response body
  • respond by yourself on behalf of destination server
  • ...or something in between

Take a look at console app and tests for usage example.

Why a Fork?

This fork was created because the original project has dependencies on Log4Net and uses code contracts. While there is nothing wrong with these two dependencies, it makes it difficult to use the project in a monorepo, where all dependencies are committed to the source tree, as all transitive dependencies similarly need to be
committed. Repeated attempts to contact the author and maintainer of FryProxy to address these shortcomings were unsuccessful.

A Note about Pull Requests and Issues

Contributions are always welcome in the form of Pull Requests (PRs). Feel free to submit them as needed, and they will be reviewed as soon as possible. Regarding issue reports, if the issue is a feature or enhancement request, do submit it as a new issue report here in the issue tracker for discussion. In the issue report description, please indicate clearly that it is a request for new functionality, and the issue report will be tagged appropriately.

Bug reports are required to have an accompanying PR with a failing test that demonstrates the bug. Please note that the PR is not required to fix the bug; it must merely include a failing test that reproduces the issue when using the current code base at the time of submission. Bug reports without a link to an accompanying PR with a failing test will have one comment asking for the failing test PR. If the PR is not supplied within one week of the request for the PR, the bug report will be summarily closed. This policy is not intended to be harsh, but is intended to prevent the common case of being unable to reproduce issues reported as bugs.

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