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A fork of the NetSparkle CodePlex repository

From the CodePlex page

NetSparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for .NET developers on Windows, MAC or Linux. It was inspired by the Sparkle ( project for Cocoa developers and the WinSparkle ( project (a Win32 port).

The main project's webpage is on CodePlex.


NetSparkle is MIT-Licensed Mit License


  • Visual Studio 2010


  • NLog (included in lib/, you may want to update).

Differences with CodePlex

I forked NetSparkle because I had some requirements for a client program that weren't easily met by the standard version.

  • This version allows for a custom UI instead of the two Windows Forms dialog
  • Allows for one-time check for updates instead of running on a loop
  • Allows for custom configuration objects instead of reading/writing to the registry
  • Refactored the diagnostic to use NLog instead of a custom filestream
  • Refactored exiting the application to fire an event for shutdown instead of Environment.Exit

Other Projects

An incomplete list of other projects that might be more suitable for you: