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A plugin for Growl-like functionality for Ruby on Rails applications built on Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries.
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Growl4Rails is a javascript component that provides the UI for growl-like notifications in your rails application.

Only README line changed for fork (using jQuery instead of Prototype):
This fork of Growl4Rails requires jQuery (I used 1.6).  It also has a dependency (for clazz) on LowPro for jQuery


If you are on Rails 2.1 or higher:

$ script/plugin install git://

For older versions of Rails, cd into your application's vendor/plugins, and execute the following:

$ git clone --depth 1 git://
$ mkdir ../../public/javascripts/growl4rails ../../public/stylesheets/growl4rails ../../public/images/growl4rails
$ cp growl4rails/public/javascripts/* ../../public/javascripts/growl4rails/
$ cp growl4rails/public/stylesheets/* ../../public/stylesheets/growl4rails/
$ cp growl4rails/public/images/* ../../public/images/growl4rails/

In your view put the following:

<%= growl4rails_includes %>

This will set the default growl duration to 5000 milliseconds and the default max number of growls to show to 3.

If you'd like a different default duration and max number to show do the following:
<%= growl4rails_includes(3000, 5) %>

The arguments to this method are:
duration = The amount of time the growl window shows.
max_showing = The maximum number of growls to show at one time.

Then when you'd like the Growl window to appear:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
  Growl4Rails.showGrowl({image_path:"/images/download.png", title:"Foo Bar.pdf", message:"File is ready for download."});

Growl4Rails.showGrowl method takes a single hash as an argument.  The hash can have the following keys:

image_path - 32x32 icon
title - title of the growl
message - the growl message

To handle the 'click' event from the Growl, you can do the following:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
  var growl_id = Growl4Rails.showGrowl({image_path:"/images/download.png", title:"Foo Bar.pdf", message:"File is ready for download."});
  document.observe(growl_id + ':clicked', function(event) {
    console.log('Growl %s was clicked.', Event.findElement(event).id);
Jim Fiorato --
Original implementation
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