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@jimhester jimhester released this Oct 1, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

lintr 2.0.0

lintr 2.0.0 is a major release, and incorporates development changes since the last major release (1.0.0) in 2016-04-16.

Deprecated functions

  • Deprecated camel_case_linter(), snake_case_linter() and multiple_dots_linter()
    in favor of object_name_linter() which enforce the given style: snake_case,, lowerCamelCalse, UpperCamelCase, alllowercase or ALLUPPERCASE
    (#59, @fangly).
  • Deprecated absolute_paths_linter() in favor of the new absolute_path_linter(),
    with a lax mode for fewer false positive lints (#199, fangly).

New linters

  • New cyclocomp_linter() identifies overly complex functions (#361, @fabian-s)
  • New equals_na_linter() (#143, #326, @jabranham)
  • New extraction_operator_linter() checks that the [[ operator is used when
    extracting a single element from an object, not [ (subsetting) nor $
    (interactive use) (@fangly).
  • New function_left_parentheses_linter() to check that there is no space between
    a function name and its left parentheses (#204, @jrnold).
  • New implicit_integer_linter() detects round numbers not declared as integers,
    i.e. 1 instead of 1L (@fangly).
  • New nonportable_path_linter() identifies paths constructed without file.path()
  • New paren_brace_linter() checks that there is a space between right
    parenthesis and an opening curly brace (@bfgray3, #242).
  • New pipe_continuation_linter() to ensure there is a space before %>% and newline afterwards (#216).
  • New semicolon_terminator_linter() reports semicolons at the end a line (#147,
    @gaborcsardi) and between expressions (#181, @fangly).
  • New seq_linter(), finds 1:length(...) (and similar) expressions (#155, @gaborcsardi)
  • New todo_comment_linter() lints TODOs (@fangly).
  • New T_and_F_symbol_linter() warns when using T and F instead of TRUE and FALSE
  • New undesirable_operator_linter() and undesirable_function_linter() lint uses of
    user-specified functions and operators (#48, #149, @fangly).
  • New unneeded_concatenation_linter() lints uses of c() with a constant or no
    arguments (@fangly).

New functions for writing linters

New functions for users

  • New lint_dir() function to lint files under a given directory (@arekbee, #360)
  • New summary.lints() function to summarize the linter results (#260, #262, @wlandau).
  • New checkstyle_output() function to output lints to checkstyle XML output (#156, @joshkgold)

Linter fixes

  • closed_curly_linter() now allows closing parenthesis or comma after closing curly brace (#167, @Enchufa2)
  • commas_linter() now handles missing arguments calls properly (#145)
  • commented_code_linter() now relaxed, it no longer lints comments within roxygen blocks
    and does not consider "-" an R operator to avoid too many false positives.
  • function_left_parentheses_linter() now allows spaces if a function starts with a left parenthesis (#311)
  • no_tab_linter() now reports proper line in all cases (#134, @fangly)
  • object_length_linter() argument length now defaults to 30 for consistency (#325 @dragosmg)
  • object_name_linter() now works when passed multiple styles (#341, @infotroph)
  • object_usage_linter() has been changed to better detect lexical scoping of global variables (#27, #336, #91, #382)
  • object_usage_linter() now respects utils::globalVariables(), so it can be used to avoid false positive warnings due to non-standard evaluation (#352)
  • object_usage_linter() now ignores top level calls that contain function definitions (#26).
  • object_linter*()s now only lint objects declared in the current file
    (#76, #108, #136, #191, #194, #201, @fangly).
  • open_curly_linter() and closed_curly_linter() now do not lint double curly syntax (#388)
  • open_curly_linter() now allows comments after the curly braces (#188)
  • pipe_continuation_linter() now behaves better in nested expressions, functions etc. (#366 @russHyde)
  • space_inside_linter() now reports proper line and column numbers (#203, @fangly)

General improvements and fixes

  • expect_lint() now no longer shows Rstudio markers and error messages are correctly preserved (#180, #211, @fangly)
  • Lint() / error now fixed (#179, @fangly).
  • lint() no longer errors with inline \\Sexpr (#127).
  • lint() no longer errors with '<% %>' constructs (#185).
  • lint_package() now works with the cache, as intended (#146, @schloerke)
  • lint_package() now excludes R/RcppExports.R by default (#282)
  • lint_package() now removes fully excluded files as soon as possible to
  • lintr now looks up its configuration in any parent directories as well as the package directory (#238, #345)
  • seq_linter is now one of the default linters (#316).
  • Fix issue in lintr's compatibility with R-devel, due to to a new version of the PCRE library (#411.)
  • read_settings() now has a better error message when the config file does
    not end with a newline (#160, #189)
  • expect_lint_free() is now automatically skipped when run on covr (#287)
  • Now lintr only tries to generate comments if running in wercker or travis CI (#166)
  • Add support for overriding GitHub API Token via GITHUB_TOKEN environment
    variable (#63, @mattyb)
  • Config files are now also searched for in the users' home directory (#266, @randy3k)
  • Fixed crash caused by ambiguous cache file paths (#212, @fangly).
  • RStudio addins to lint current source and project (fixes #264, @JhossePaul)
  • Added proper handling of tab characters (fixes #44, @fangly)
  • lintr does not need the igraph package any more (#152, @gaborcsardi)
  • Fixed cache not saved in a directory other than requested (#213, @fangly)
    avoid reading and pre-processing of ignored files (@mwaldstein)
  • Allow for any number of # to start a comment. Useful in ESS (#299, @prosoitos)
  • R Markdown files that do not contain chunks are no longer treated as code (#370).
  • Fixed plain-code-block bug in Rmarkdown (#252, @russHyde)
  • Fixed bug where non-R chunks using {lang} engine format were parsed from R-markdown (#322, @russHyde)
  • Ensured lintr runs / installs / tests on R-3.6: pinned to github
    xmlparsedata; ensure vectors are length-1 when compared using && and ||
    (#363 #377 #384 #391, @russHyde).
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