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Streaming JSON loading for Node and browsers

Oboe.js is an open source Javascript library for loading JSON using streaming, combining the convenience of DOM with the speed and fluidity of SAX.

It can parse any JSON as a stream, is small enough to be a micro-library, doesn't have dependencies, and doesn't care which other libraries you need it to speak to.

We can load trees larger than the available memory. Or we can instantiate a classical OOP models from JSON, or completely transform your JSON while it is being read.

{{demo "aggregated-progressive" "autoplay"}}

What next?

Other tools

  • For writing JSON streams from a Java server to an Oboe.js front-end try GSON
  • If you need an even more lightweight JSON stream library and don't mind writing rather more code, try Clarinet (In fact, Oboe is built on Clarinet)
  • For golang programmers there is an example of different realtime web technologies, which uses Oboe.js