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Production Notes

This is a collection of tips and procedures on how to produce a podcast using Garageband.

Software Used

We use Garageband thus far because it is easy and we are lazy. More professional shows use Apple's Logic

  • Garageband -- comes with mac os x
  • Skype
  • Soundflower let's you hijack various audio input streams and combine them into one, thus combine your skype and microphone input into one audio stream
  • Linein let's you pass your microphone output to soundflower
  • Levelator equalizes the speaking volumes of different people talking on your podcast, this way some people aren't quiet and others loud
  • ffmpeg installed w/ homebrew, you need this for levelator
    • install homebrew
    • brew install ffmpeg


  • Mute internal input and output
  • Put your cell phone far away while recording, it can cause a nasty buzzing sound
  • Start Linein and pass thru your usb microphone to soundflower ch2
  • Set skype preferences to use soundflower for audio output
  • Garageband
    • set audio in to be soundflower and audio out to your usb headset
    • Set reverb to zero, it is in the "info" panel
    • use the podcast template and the male voice track
    • Turn "Monitor On" and use Mono NOT stereo
    • In preferences, set the show name to Food Fight you can also do this on the master track

Using Levelator

  1. export recorded audio to mp3
  2. convert mp3 to .wav using ffmpeg, ffmpeg -i foodfightx.mp3 foodfightx.wav
  3. Start Levelator
  4. Drag and drop the .wav file onto levelator
  5. Import the converted "foodfightx.output.wav" into your itunes library
  6. Create a new podcast in garageband
  7. go into Audio Library, you should see foodfightx.output listed
  8. Drag and drop it onto the master track
  9. export to mp3 again and you're done!


  1. don't spend too much time on it, content is king
  2. Edit after you have used levelator, long quiet periods will be very easy to see after the speaking volumes are equalized
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