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# Notes:
# I tried to avoid frameworks as much as possible but
# have opted for a few external dependencies. If you
# see anything unfamiliar to you please note that
# this project relies on the following libraries:
# modernizr.js (
# domReady.js (
# radio.js (
# The PageSlider class acts more or less like a UISwipeGestureRecognizer.
class @PageSlider
# Some oh so useful class level constants.
@DIRECTION_CHANGE = "PageSlideDirectionChangeEvent"
@DIRECTION_FINISHED = "PageSlideDirectionChangeFinished"
# The constructor takes in an element and an article. The touchTarget listens
# for touches while the article is the element being translated.
constructor: (params={}) ->
@touchTarget = params['touchTarget'] || document.body
# Use the article passed in as our @article.
# If the browser doesn't support touch or we're missing any of the essentials
# we'll just avoid doing anything at all.
if Modernizr.touch and @article? and @touchTarget?
@touchTarget.addEventListener("touchstart", ((event) => @touchStart(event)), false)
@touchTarget.addEventListener("touchmove", ((event) => @touchMove(event)), false)
@touchTarget.addEventListener("touchend", ((event) => @touchEnd(event)), false)
@touchTarget.addEventListener("touchcancel", ((event) => @touchCancel(event)), false)
# Replaces the article element. This way we can continue to reuse one instance of
# PageSlider rather than recreate a new instance every time the currentArticle
# changes.
setArticle: (@article) ->
@slideTo = 0
# When the touch begins we want to reset the direction. We also want to track the
# initial position of the touch as we'll be using that to calculate the delta as
# their finger moves.
touchStart: (event) ->
if event.touches.length == 1
@direction = PageSlider.DIRECTION_UNKNOWN
@slideStartX = event.touches[0].pageX
@slideStartY = event.touches[0].pageY
touchMove: (event) ->
# If they're using more than one finger we're just not going to count
# that. Sorry, one finger swipes only.
if event.touches.length == 1
# Grab the absolute value of the X and Y offset so that we can get an
# idea of whether or not the user is trying to scroll or swipe.
xOffset = Math.abs(event.touches[0].pageX - @slideStartX)
yOffset = Math.abs(event.touches[0].pageY - @slideStartY)
# Some minor attempt to prevent swiping from disabling scrolling.
# Oh how much easier it is to control this when you write native
# apps in obj-c.
event.preventDefault() if xOffset > 10
if xOffset > yOffset
# The first thing to do is determine where we're going by getting the
# actual offset.
@slideTo = event.touches[0].pageX - @slideStartX
# Set direction to right and broadcast the event if it's happened.
# We want to ensure we only do this once as the resulting listeners
# may or may not write to the DOM which get's expensive during
# transitions.
if @slideTo > 0 and @direction != PageSlider.DIRECTION_RIGHT
@direction = PageSlider.DIRECTION_RIGHT
# If they're moving to the left we'll do the same thing.
else if @slideTo < 0 and @direction != PageSlider.DIRECTION_LEFT
@direction = PageSlider.DIRECTION_LEFT
@slideTo = 0
touchEnd: (event) ->
limit = window.innerWidth/3
if @slideTo > 0 and Math.abs(@slideTo) >= limit
else if @slideTo < 0 and Math.abs(@slideTo) >= limit
# If anything cancels our touch events for any reason let's
# move everything back to how it was before they started touching
# it with their sausage fingers.
touchCancel: (event) ->
moveTo: (@slideTo) ->
# Wonder why this isn't just built into Modernizr.prefixed()...
transEndEventNames =
'WebkitTransition' : 'webkitTransitionEnd'
'MozTransition' : 'transitionend'
'OTransition' : 'oTransitionEnd'
'msTransition' : 'MSTransitionEnd'
'transition' : 'transitionend'
@article.element.addEventListener(transEndEventNames[ Modernizr.prefixed('transition') ], =>
radio(PageSlider.DIRECTION_FINISHED).broadcast((@slideTo != 0))
# Automated a page slide to the next article.
moveForwardAnimated: (animated=true)->
@direction = PageSlider.DIRECTION_LEFT
if animated
# Automated a page slide to the previous article.
moveBackwardAnimated: (animated=true) ->
@direction = PageSlider.DIRECTION_RIGHT
if animated