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Welcome to the wonderful world of Gitcoin!


The balances are all contained in LEDGER.txt. We also have provided you with a sample Gitcoin mining script in miner -- you'll probably notice it's too slow to use in practice though. Note that for this level you won't submit any code to us, as you'll be running everything locally (you're welcome to email us solutions if you think they are particularly cool, though).

The only commits that can be pushed are ones that:

  • Increments an existing ledger entry by 1, or adds a new ledger entry with balance: 1; and
  • Has a SHA1 lexicographically less than the value in difficulty.txt.

Add yourself to LEDGER.txt to pass the level (worth 50 points), at which points the bots will stop.

Once you're done, check your account page to advance to the global Gitcoin instance, where you can earn unbounded numbers of leaderboard points.

Note that until you pass the level we'll periodically start a new Gitcoin instance, at which point you'll have to run git reset --hard origin/master to reset your clone's state.


  • difficulty.txt: A strict upper bound on valid Gitcoin SHA1 values.

  • miner: A sample Gitcoin mining script.

  • LEDGER.txt: The current Gitcoin balances.

  • README.md: This file.