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Game the Progress


Game the Progress is a web app designed to give teachers a platform to custom build and play game quizzes with multiple players/students. The teacher creates a game, the students log on to the game and play along as a class. The teacher has immediate access to results on specific students and for the whole class. Students have access to their own results at the end of the game. Results are displayed using D3 graphics. Game the Progress creates an engaging environment where learning becomes fun.

The Team

Jim Lengel [] Dom Brassey [] Frank Aiello [] Ryker Reed [] Maria Uyeda []

External Link to Game

User Stories

Before a game

A teacher can...

  • Create an account
  • Upload a game
  • Invite students to a game
  • See all games I have uploaded
  • Set duration for game
  • Upload a game

A student can...

  • Log in
  • See their own results from previous games

During a game

A teacher can...

  • Control the rate of game play
  • See results of a question immediately

A student can...

  • Answer a question by tapping
  • Advance to the next question
  • See feedback when time is up
  • See the answer that they selected
  • Answer only once per question

After a game

Teacher can…

  • Change students’ user_names View results of game for a class View results of a game for a student See immediate results for a question See results of specific questions, results by topic tags Student can... View their own results (by topic) per game as bubbles or bars View their own results (per game with) a goal line View results by what was answered right or wrong by swapping


To play Game the Progress, follow the above Heroku link, create a new user for a teacher, and select a game.

To play Game the Progress as a student, follow the above Heroku link, create a new user for a student, and select a game.

The Stack

  • Ruby on Rails 5 with Action Cable
  • Travis CI
  • Devise Ruby Gem
  • GitHub
  • D3-Rails
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML

Copyright and Licensing Information

Game the Progress is available under the MIT license.

Screen Shots

Home Page part 1 (Profile Page) home page

Home Page part 2 home page

Game Page, Projector View home page