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For any further change descriptions, see the Git logs.
2007-12-11 Jim Menard <>
* lib/midilib/io/seqreader.rb: Fixed text method and added default
implementation of key_signature.
2007-12-09 Jim Menard <>
* examples/measures_mbt.rb: Added.
2007-12-09 Jim Menard <>
* lib/midilib/event.rb: Added code that fixes bpm calculation
bugs, and his TimeSig and KeySig classes.
* lib/midilib/measure.rb: Added.
* lib/midilib/sequence.rb: Fixed clock. Added get_measures method.
2007-12-09 Jim Menard <>
* lib/midilib/event.rb: added program_change? and
print_channel_numbers_from_one to Event.
2007-03-17 Jim Menard <>
* Version 1.0.0 released. I will no longer be maintaining this
change log; the Subversion comments should be sufficient.
2006-08-20 Jim Menard <>
* lib/midilib/event.rb (PolyPressure::initialize): Fixed the
misspelled POLY_PRESSURE cosntant, thanks to Mario Pehle
2006-05-15 Jim Menard <jimm@localhost.localdomain>
* test/test.mid: created (copied examples/from_scratch.mid).
2005-03-21 Jim Menard <>
* Version 0.8.4 released.
* lib/midilib/event.rb (Realtime::initialize): set @is_realtime
to true, not false.
(SystemCommon::initialize): moved @is_system = true to here
(SystemExclusive::initialize): ...from here.
2005-03-20 Jim Menard <>
* lib/midilib/sequence.rb (Sequence::note_to_delta): created.
(Sequence::note_to_length): created.
(Sequence::length_to_delta): created.
* examples/from_scratch.rb: created.
2004-07-16 Jim Menard <>
* Version 0.8.3 released.
2004-07-10 Jim Menard <>
* lib/midilib/event.rb (NoteEvent::note_to_s): created.
(Event::number_to_s): created.
(Event): added @print_note_names and @print_decimal_numbers
(to_s all classes): use @print_note_names and @print_decimal_numbers
2004-06-30 Jim Menard <>
* Version 0.8.2 released.
* lib/midilib/event.rb (MetaEvent): changed @type to @meta_type to
avoid warnings like "Object#type is deprecated; use Object#class".
* lib/midilib/track.rb (Track::name): use Event.meta_type (renamed
from Event.type).
(Track::name=): use Event.meta_type (renamed from Event.type).
* test/event_equality.rb (MIDI::MetaEvent): use meta_type instead
of type.
* examples/transpose.rb: fixed $LOAD_PATH. Added 'b' to file open
modes for Windows.
* examples/strings.rb: fixed $LOAD_PATH. Fixed arguments passed to
read block. Fixed code that looks for meta events. Added 'b' to
file open modes for Windows.
* examples/seq2text.rb: fixed $LOAD_PATH. Fixed arguments passed
to read block. Added 'b' to file open modes for Windows.
* examples/reader2text.rb: fixed $LOAD_PATH. Fixed TextTranslator
superclass. Fixed arguments passed to read block. Added 'b' to
file open modes for Windows.
* lib/midilib/io/seqwriter.rb (SeqWriter::initialize): added block
rdoc comment.
(SeqWriter::write_to): added track to @update_block args.
* lib/midilib/io/seqreader.rb (SeqReader::initialize): added block
rdoc comment.
2004-06-27 Jim Menard <>
* Version 0.8.1 released.
* test/test_event.rb: created.
* lib/midilib/track.rb: more documentation.
(Track::sort): sorts by events' time_from_start and modifies
@events (which wasn't happening before; I forgot to assign the
sorted results back to @events).
(Track::recalc_delta_from_times): fixed.
(Track::quantize): call recalc_delta_from_times.
* test/test_track.rb (TrackTester::test_sort): created.
(TrackTester::test_recalc_delta_from_times): created.
* lib/midilib/sequence.rb: more documentation.
* lib/midilib/consts.rb: hid some comments from RDoc.
* lib/midilib/event.rb: more documentation.
(Event::realtime): fix quantize_to so it changes the event's
time_from_start instead of delta_time.
* test/*.rb: removed redundant copyright and license notices.
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