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convert give credit for the gtk2 port


This package includes two separate applications. In the www dir, there is the
PHP frontend app, the convert dir includes a simple (too simple i guess) script
that converts your wildcard of images into three subdirs in the current
directory. You can easily create and upload all images using:

   mkdir temp
   cd $_
   /path/to/imgconv *.png *.gif *.{jpeg,jpg}
   scp -rp ./web-gallery me@my_server:public_html/galleries/gallery_name

and that's it.

Tuomas Kuosmannen ( has created a Nautilus script to create
"original" galleries (check the REQUIREMENTS file). Just copy the
convert/contrib/ file to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and make sure it's got
the execute bit set.


   Apart from using netpbm package ( for
   scaling images, the new script uses Larry Ewing's
   gdk-pixbuf-based scaler. See REQUIREMENTS for details.

   Latest versions of the tools can be found at

Various Notes

Gallery Dates
By default, original uses the directory timestamp to figure out the date of the
gallery. If I need to tweak it, i use `touch -d`. However some folks requested
a more convenient (is it?) way, using a "$gallery/date.txt" file. This
functionality has been replaced by the mew meta info file - info.txt:

  Info.txt format

	The file is a simple text of "key|value" pairs on separate lines. The '|'
	separator is used, since you may want to use '=' and ':' as you're free to
	use html markup in the file. Make sure you use a utf8 capable editor.

	Some useful keys:

	date - can be used to override the timestamp of the directory
	name - you can override the dir name if you prefer not using utf8 filenames
	description - _short_ dexcription. Will be show in the index page.
	author - Useful if the photographer isn't you.

Jakub 'Jimmac' Steiner <jimmac AT>
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