Libraries and examples for working with the Emotiv EPOC Brain-Computer Interface with Embarcadero Delphi
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This collection of projects is to work with the Emotiv EPOC. It has only been tested with the Developer Kit.

This is designed to work with the latest versions of RAD Studio, Delphi and Appmethod using the FireMonkey Framework (FMX). C++Builder and C++ demos are in process.

The EdkParrot project is designed to control a Parrot.AR Drone 2.0. Currently the code from my DelphiARDrone project is included.

This repository is under very heavy revision. It needs to be cleaned-up, and a lot of files will be moved around. Everything currently works, but there are features to be implemented and refactoring to be done.

I'm working to make a component to encapsulate more of the use of the EDK. Currently the EDK portion is handled simply through an excellent API Header wrapper provided by Simon Stuart of LaKraven Studios Ltd.