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  MentDB, the first Mentalese Database Engine.

What is it ? It is a new way to consider a database. It is ... a cognitive database.

A digital brain to house a future consciousness, who thinks in his head like you and me. A cerebral structure with an innate Mentalese. It has its own query language (MQL: Mentalese Query Language) to manage languages, symbols, words, thoughts, relations, emotions, strategies... cognitively. If you call all the Mentalese functions in a good order, you get a strong AI. Unlike the graph databases that manages hardly experience, MentDB allows quickly to switch from one topic to another like a humain. You can directly stimulate memory areas as a psychologist is to reach hidden areas. In a brain, everything is cognitive... our emotions, our daily tasks or long term, our principles ...

This is where all the forces of MentDB.

Warning !!!


My name is Jimmitry PAYET and by introspection, I try to copy my brain features into the machine. I have created MentDB (strong AI project) to help me to do research. Not to replace humans. I think automating EVERYTHING is not the solution.

Life is quantum, less automation does not mean stop AI research. AI is a necessity for humanity, we have a lot to gain if we live together (a bit like in Star Wars... even with AI there are human pilots ...). But we will lose our humanity if we continue to eject us from the future as we are doing today! In the future, AI has the right to exist, but we too! Please use this program to help you with the most difficult tasks and ... keep your human employees ! (even if you lose some money).

Thank you. Jim.


Go to and follow the installation instructions in the section "Quickstart" ...