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Contributing to Quandl4J

We welcome helpful contributions, feature requests and bug reports. The preferred channel for reporting these issues is via the issue tracker.

Bug Reports

Bug reports should contain a repeatable demonstrable problem. Good bug reports are very useful! Guidelines for bug reports:

  • Use the GitHub issue search to check if someone else has already reported the bug.
  • Check if the issue has already been fixed in a newer version.
  • Try to isolate the problem in the smallest possible example, ideally creating a minimal test case that can be run independently from your development infrastructure.
  • Bear in mind that Quandl4J is a wrapper for the Quandl REST API so some issues will by definition be caused by the underlying API.
  • Include as much detail as possible about your setup - OS, Java version, Maven version, Quandl4J version, etc.

Feature requests

Feature requests are welcome.

Pull requests

Good pull requests -- patches, improvements and new features are hugely welcome. Having said that, please ask before undertaking significant new feature requests as sometimes the existing contributors will have plans to implement certain features in certain ways. By asking in advance you avoid the possibility of being annoyed or dissapointed if your planned change isn't appropriate.

If you do decide to constribute, it is very important in particular to adhere to the coding guidelines already used in the project:

  • Code formatting style (2-space indent, etc).
  • Javadocs on all public constants, intances, methods, interfaces, classes and packages.
  • Pass checkstyle checks. Please ask for more information.
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