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Release Notes


This is a fairly minor release that bumps the version of various dependencies, adds support for GitHub Actions builds, and fixes changes to TravisCI that brokes builds due to Oracle license changes.

2.0.0 documentation change

Updated the documentation to reflect that you now need to add quandl-core, and optionally quandl-tablesaw rather than quandl as your artifact id in your maven pom or gradle script. Thanks to @kenfehling for pointing that out.


A fairly comprehensive overhaul. The primary aim was to allow the use of alternative types to hold tabular and metadata. A common user question has been around the choice of JSON or Table representation, and these are now abstracted in a way that allows you to choose types that best suit your application, and even add your own very easily. This version is fully source compatible with previous versions, although most existing session classes and interfaces have been deprecated. Updating existing code is very simple, see the 2.0.0 migration guide for more information. A special thanks to Ben McCann (@benmccann) for suggesting the initial idea, reviewing and commenting on code, and to both him and Larry White (@lwhite1) for responding to little TableSaw issues so quickly.


Calls upgraded to use V3 of the REST API for both data and metadata. No API changes. Logback is removed as a normal dependency to allow users to choose their own implementation of SLF4J (which is the whole point of SLF4J!). If you have any build issues try adding logback to your own pom.xml. Examples are moved to test packages and commons-cli dependency is now only a dependency for test scope. Docs and contributors list updated.


This is a little tweak release to update the version of Jackson used by the library so it can be used with AWS. Thanks to William Farrugia for the suggestion.


This is a bug fix release, @Olivier-92 reported a resource leak that affects those using RESTEasy as a JAX-RS provider. The request objects are now closed as required.


POM references to external OpenGamma Maven repository have been removed and the JSON library referred to has been switched for Jackson using the datatype module. This should require no code changes in users outside of perhaps a POM change if you've referred to the OpenGamma POM in your POM. This change was made because I receive regular reports that the OG repo is down and it additionally has caused issues for SBT and Gradle users. Now all dependencies come from Maven Central. The issue was forced due to information from George Hawkins (george-hawkins-aa) and a suggestion that the project switch to Jackson. The intention is now that 2.0 will move away from the object model to the Jackson tree model, although the intention is to maintain a compatability API in parallel so users don't need to change existing code.


SearchRequest now supports the v3 API databasecode argument and makes the query parameter (previous of()) optional. This means the of() static factory method is now deprecated in favor of a no-arg constructor.



new SearchRequest.Builder().withQuery(<query>).build();

Docs and examples have been updated to reflect this contribution from Hamel Ajay Kothari (hkothari). Many thanks for that!


Changed HTTPS URL because RESTEasy and Apache CXF can't handle redirect to which is the address in the TLS certificate. Disabled integration test from main build because test framework misbehaving.


Add support for HTTPS migration, small change, but required test data regeneration.


Handles the deprecation of multisets from the Quandl REST API and provides for (configurable) automatic resilience to transient errors.