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FanFicFare is a tool for making eBooks from stories on fanfiction and other web sites.
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FanFicFare makes reading stories from various websites much easier by helping you download them to EBook files.

FanFicFare was previously known as FanFictionDownLoader (AKA FFDL, AKA fanficdownloader).

Main features:

  • Download FanFiction stories from over 150 different sites into ebooks. Supported sites list.

  • Update existing EPUB format ebooks, downloading only new chapters.

  • Get Story URLs from Web Page.

  • Support for downloading images in the story text. (EPUB and HTML only -- download EPUB and convert to AZW3 for Kindle) More details on configuring images in stories and cover images can be found in the FAQs or this post in the old FFDL thread.

  • Support for cover image. (EPUB only)

  • Optionally keep an Update Log of past updates (EPUB only).

There's additional info in the project wiki pages.

There's also a FanFicFare maillist for discussion and announcements.

Getting FanFicFare

This program is available as a calibre plugin or a command-line interface (via pip).

As of late November 2019, the web service version is shutdown.
See the Wiki Home page for details.

The cli version can also be obtained on Arch Linux from the official repositories:

pacman -S fanficfare

or from git via the AUR package (which will also update the calibre plugin, if calibre is installed).

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