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Robust Tracking Using Region Proposal Networks
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Robust Tracking Using Region Proposal Networks


RPN2T tracker achieved state-of-the-art results on several large scale benchmarks including OTB50, OTB100 and VOT2016.

Detailed description of the system is provided by our paper(

This software is implemented using Caffe and part of Faster_rcnn.


If you're using this code in a publication, please cite our paper.

  title={Robust Tracking Using Region Proposal Networks},  
  author={Ren, Jimmy and Yu, Zhiyang and Liu, Jianbo and Zhang, Rui and Sun, Wenxiu and Pang, Jiahao and Chen, Xiaohao and Yan, Qiong},  
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.10447},  

System Requirements

This code is tested on 64 bit Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).


  1. MATLAB (tested with R2014b)
  2. Caffe (included in this repository external/_caffe/)
  3. For GPU support, a GPU, CUDA toolkit and cuDNN will be needed. We have tested in GTX TitanX(MAXWELL) with CUDA7.5+cuDNNv5 and GTX 1080 with CUDA8.0+cuDNNv5.1.


Compile Caffe according to the installation guideline.

cd $(RPN2T_ROOT)
cd external/_caffe
# Adjust Makefile.config (For example, the path of MATLAB.)
make all -j8
make matcaffe

Online Tracking using RPN2T


Run 'tracking/demo_tracking.m'.

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