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A simple PHP gallery
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Write access to site folder from PHP

1) Put this all in the root of your site

2) create an empty thumbs/ folder in your site root

3) create an empty images/ folder in your site root

4) Drop images into the images/ folder. create folders under this folder with images. go nuts.

5) 'chmod -R 777 *' in the root of your new gallery site

6) Load up the site. Ta-da - a quick, simple gallery with lightbox and left/right controls.

Thumbs are created as-needed, and only once. So you can add images to the images/ folder and new thumbs will be created
on the fly on next load of the page - per folder.

When removing images thumbs are not removed automatically. So, to save disk space, make sure to remove the
thumbs from the thumbs/ folder

The upload/ folder allows you to upload new files via the web without using FTP. Password-protect this folder, or rename it, for enhanced security so someone isn't uploading into your gallery. It currently uploads into the images root and does not access folders.

Shoutouts to all the open source projects used here: PHP, jQuery, fancybox
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