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A variation of the classic match-three block game, playable in a web browser.
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Pushing Hands

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Pushing Hands

Pushing Hands is a match-three block game.

Click on the hands on either side of each row of blocks to push the blocks in the row by one column. Blocks pushed off one side will wrap around to the other side.

Score points by matching three or more like colors vertically. When blocks are matched, they will disappear and the blocks above the open spaces will fall down. If new matches are formed as a result of the fallen blocks, they too will be cleared, and your "combo chain" will increase by one.


Match 3 blocks
1 point
Match 4+ blocks
2 points for each additional block past 3
Multiplies the score for the blocks being cleared by the current chain count


The music and sound effects were written and performed by Nebyoolae.

Open source projects used


Pushing Hands is licensed under the MIT License. See the included LICENSE.txt for details.

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