An application template for Rails.
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This is an application template for Rails that sets up projects with some useful changes from a stock install.


  • Ignores SimpleCov coverage directory, database.yml, and .env from Git.
  • Makes example files for ones that are ignored from Git.
  • Removes useless files: public.html, rails.png, and the doc and test directories.
  • Changes the README to a blank Markdown file.
  • Changes application asset manifest files to SCSS and CoffeeScript.
  • Adds the HTML5 reset CSS with cleaned up whitespace and other small fixes.
  • Moves the javascript_include_tag in the application layout to the bottom of the body and always loads jQuery from Google.
  • Uses RSpec instead of Test::Unit.
  • Uses Haml instead of ERB.
  • Sets up Foreman and Guard to run your development server, RSpec + Spork, and Jasmine all with one command for continuous testing.
  • Initializes a Git repository for the app.


Given that this repository lives in ~/Code, create a new application by running:

rails new <app_name> --skip-bundle -m ~/Code/railsapp/template.rb

To simplify this process, consider adding a Bash function, like this:

function railsapp { rails new $1 --skip-bundle -m ~/Code/railsapp/template.rb; }